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Top 8 Baddie Date Night Outfits

What is the idea of baddie date night outfits? Well, it means you bring out your sassy and bold personality, as Gen Z calls it, slay! If you are to describe baddie in one word, it’d be confident. Baddie looks are all about making you feel beautiful and confident, no matter what you’re wearing. It can literally be anything. A bodycon dress paired with high-heeled boots or corset tops with denim bottoms and sneakers. The key to wearing baddie outfits is to embrace your beauty and show it to the world.

A baddie fit involves sexy pieces, sporty details, and shiny jewelry. If you want to spice things up with your partner, wearing baddie date night outfits can totally do the thing. One more thing, if you’re going on a date with someone new, a baddie outfit can help you make a memorable first impression. 

Here are some baddie night-out outfits for your date night or clubbing with your girl tribe!

1. Ripped Jeans on a Date Night

A good pair of ripped jeans should be in everyone’s wardrobe. You can pair them up with practically anything. For the club nights, you can wear ice blue colored ripped jeans with a stunning black bodysuit. And if you make a sudden plan to go out to a cafe with your friends, an oversized T-shirt and ripped jeans will always do the magic! For the club thing, you can accessorize your outfit with golden hoops or a layered chain. You can further wear those gorgeous heels to glam it up. On the other hand, if you are planning a cafe visit, you can keep it simple by just wearing our comfy sneakers (preferably white). 

Source: Glamour

2. Go Casual!

If it’s your first date and don’t want to go overboard then dress casually. To get a comfy casual look, you can put on your joggers. If you’re just meeting your date at a park of course you can wear an oversized T-shirt. But, if you want to create baddie cute club outfits, pair them with a full-sleeved crop top. This will allow you to flaunt your flawless curves while keeping it minimalistic. Because this is a laid-back look, trainers are the logical shoe choice. A gold chain necklace is a simple way to add some baddie bling to your outfit. 

Source: Urban Monkey

3. Bold is Beautiful

Leather is never off the table when it comes to baddie outfits. In this case, it is the faux leather. It’s something about how it hugs your contours and instantly improves your entire look. You can wear a black faux leather jacket with any of your red baddie dresses. Furthermore, you can recreate the famous Ross Gellar in leather pants style (if you’ve watched FRIENDS). For that, of course, you need a leather pant and a black shirt, tuck it in if you will, or keep it loose, whatever you feel like. You can also pair a leather skirt with a yellow bandeau crop top for a pop of color and add block-heel sandals. Accessorize them with hook-on hoop earrings and check if it’s a fun fit. 

Source: Lglora

4. The Black Beauty

The all-black outfit has its own charm, isn’t it? Wearing all black on a date night gives a playful yet classy vibe. Put on some translucent black stockings and faux leather shorts to stand out. Wear this fabulous black long-sleeve mesh shirt with classic black leather Chelsea boots. Gold hoop earrings and a black leather purse round off the ensemble. Don’t forget the black eyeliner and mascara to bring out your GORG eyes.

Source: Johanna Rahier 

5. Boot It Up With A Black Skirt

Since we are on the subject of black outfits, let’s style a black skirt. To show off those hot legs, you can pair your mini skirt or slit skirt with a graphics T-shirt. The usual pairing would be a black skirt and a white T-shirt with black boots. Don’t forget to bring some accessories, sweetheart!! Accessories are an excellent way to express your individuality!! Stacking rings, this spiky choker necklace, a bangle, and ESPECIALLY this cool pill bracelet are our favorite accessories for this style. This will definitely amp up night out baddie outfits with heels

Source: Who What Wear

6. Blazer with Denim Shorts

Blazer gives a professional look while denim shorts give you a laid-back look. But how come these two can be paired up? You’ve heard the phrase “opposites attract” right? Well, here it is. These two absolutely opposite fashion elements can be a power couple! Together these two can literally check all the boxes. Pairing a checked (black and white) blazer with black denim shorts or white denim shorts can make you look edgy, chic, classy, and a baddie for real. This look has been carried out perfectly by Chrissy Teigan and Hailey Beiber to name a few. To complete this look, wear a cami top underneath the blazer and wear a fanny pack or a pebbled clutch (for the classy effect). 

Source: An Indigo Day

7. Denim Jacket, Mini Dress & Sneakers

An LBD must stay in the wardrobe of a baddie, especially one that you can dress up or down. With this ensemble, we’re looking for a more casual mood, beginning with a black mini-dress that will embrace your body better than any boyfriend ever could. A jacket made of denim and high-top trainers is essential for being casual yet trendy. Accessorize with a tote bag or a satchel bag and wear your sunglasses (if it is sunny). 

Source: An Indigo Day

8. A Baddie Fit With Brown Midi Skirt

Brown gives a warm autumny vibe and it is quite trending these days. But how to dress in your brown clothing? That’s a real question. Take whatever brown shade midi skirt you have in your wardrobe and pair it with a cut-out crop top. If it is a dark brown skirt, then choose a light-colored top, and if it is a light brown skirt, then wear a dark-colored crop top. You can pair them with strappy shoes or leather boots. 

Source: Asos 


Rock your baddie era with some sexy baddie outfits. These outfits will not just blow the minds of your date but also boost your confidence. Remember the detailing and the color theory before you pair things up and get set to turn heads all over.