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9 Famous Rock Stars Who Wear Wigs

To be at the top of their game, rock stars and artists from various genres need to keep up their styling quotient. They are prepped by many stylists and designers, as there is no way they fail to pose in front of the paparazzi. We all know what the consequences can be: trolls in social media and articles on page 3 for all the wrong reasons. Plus, who doesn’t love to look their best, especially when you are in the show biz? 

To accentuate their look, wearing wigs of different styles is the best way out! Rock stars favor hair transition the most as it gives them a chance to look quirky and make a style statement. Many rock stars have made a mark in the hearts of many die-hard fans with their hairstyle and they are remembered for the same. 

Let’s take you through a list of legendary rockstars who wear wigs to make a fabulous impression in the hearts of many. 

Legendary Rock Stars Who Wear Wigs

1. Elton John

Source: Wimpole Clinic

When it comes to celebrating the musicians who wear wigs, Elton John had to be at the top of the list. The famous British singer was among the few bald rock stars who wore wigs. His intellectual look with big glasses has turned many heads around the world. Not many know that his lustrous brown blonds were actually wigs. Due to baldness, he chose to wear wigs in the later stages of his career, which resembled his original hair. He admitted in various interviews that his ruthless lifestyle was to be blamed for his baldness.

2. A. J. McLean 

Source: Emnio

Another popular singer among the famous rock stars who wear wigs list is A. J. McLean, the youth icon of the 90s and early 2000s. The Backstreet Boys member has had his share of ups and downs but has always remained a stealer of gazes for his fashion sense and hairdos. He wore hairpieces of different styles over the years because of his hairlessness. Later, he went for a hair transplant treatment. After that, he is seen flaunting his own hair and is proud of his transformation. 

3. Chris Martin

Source: A-Medical

The one artist who does not need any introduction to the music lovers of the current era is Chris Martin, the lead singer of the revolutionary band Cold Play. He appeared with a not-so-perfect hairline with an M-shaped bald spot on both sides of his head in 2000. But within a few years, he was seen with a spot-on hairstyle and his bald receding hairline vanished. The reason behind his transition is thought to be wigs. Whatever the reason, Chris will always have a special place in the hearts of his fans for his timeless compositions like Paradise and Yellow forever. 

4. Lady Gaga

Among the female musicians who wear wigs, Laga Gaga will surely be the first name to come across your mind. She has been a trendsetter all her life in the music industry and still is known for thinking out of the box about fashion, and wigs have been a notable part of them. Many have questioned her sense of fashion and daring looks. Be it an award show or a gala event, she has always been everyone’s favorite when it came to showcasing the most quirky outfits. 

5. Beyonce

Source: Medium

Who doesn’t love Beyonce? Her performances, her enigmatic presence, and of course her long wavy ombre blondes. But do you know an interesting fact about her? She mostly wears wigs during her shoots and performances. She loves creating a long-lasting presence and for that wigs are her saviors. From going for the Ivy Park fashion to adorning herself with wavy bob, she has mesmerized her fans with memorable looks with exceptionally made wigs. 

6. Phil Collins

Known for his contribution to the Genesis band in the 60s, Phil Collins has been the talk of the town for his iconic look. He also had a flourishing solo career and rose to fame as a singer and a drummer. In the recent past, he has been spotted in a cue-ball look, all thanks to the amazing wig collection he owns. The 72-year-old singer flaunts various hairstyles as he suffers excessive loss of hair. 

7. Gene Simmons

Source: New Times Hair

Well-known by his stage name, Gene Simmons, Chaim Witz is a one-of-a-kind rock star and composer who appeared in flamboyant hairstyles that took over many stages he was a part of. For several decades, he was among the most popular musicians who wore wigs. Despite his public image, it was widely believed that Gene was completely bald. Throughout his career, Gene Simmons embraced some of the most unique wigs off-stage and on-stage.  

8. Nicki Minaj

Source: Black Hair Information

The queen of rap, Nicki Minja, confidently flaunts her wigs to her awestruck audience every time she appears. One thing everyone can deduce from her out-of-the-ordinary appearances is how confident she is in carrying her outfits and wigs. From pink and green to yellow and blonde, she has experimented with numerous colors and lengths of hair to surprise her fans every time. She wows everyone with her wig game and unorthodox fashion whenever she poses for the paparazzi. 

9. Ketty Perry

Ever thought about how Ketty Perry, the Roar star, keeps up her stunning looks? It’s, of course, the wigs. The wigs have always been a notable element of her fashion choices. She has experimented with hair color, length, and styles without going for a permanent change. The pop sensation has been spotted donning wigs ranging from uncommon contemporary hues to classic styles.

Wrapping Up

Rock stars like Chris Martin and Lady Gaga are loved and cherished worldwide for their uncanny ways of donning fashion. For these stars, wigs prove to be a revolutionary prop to gain the limelight and rise to stardom. With the evolution of wigs, they have been a seamless partner for many celebs to look extravagant without opting for anything permanent. As the artists need to win over millions of gazes to rein the charts, they need to have a style quotient that resembles no one else, making them have a signature style.