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1 Kg Beef Price in Canada || Price Compare

Do you know the beef price in Canada? The name of the above product is 1 kg beef. According to our information, the 1 kg beef price in Canada is 15-25 dollars. And 7 to 13 dollars is the price of beef per pound in Canada.

Different grocery shops sell products at different prices. We found 1 kg of beef in a total of 5 online markets. So check the below table and identify which companies sell at low prices.

Here we show the original product price + delivery charge + vat = total price. When you read the post from mobile, don’t forget to slide to the left side of the table to find the checkout button. 

CompaniesItem DetailsPrices ➤Button
ChaldalBeef Bottom Blade Pot Roast, Boneless 1kg$15.41Checkout
Beef Bottom Blade Pot Roast, Boneless 1kg$25.34Checkout
Beef Boneless Blade Steak 1kg$21.98Checkout
Blade Roast, Boneless 1kg$24.23Checkout
Western Canadian  Boneless Blade Beef Pot Roast 1kg$23.10Checkout

It is a comparison of beef prices in Canada. We hope this helps you save money online, even if it’s just a little bit. Our main objective is to compare product prices only. We have nothing to do with selling products.

So before buying the product, get detailed information from the seller. And only buy the product if you like it. Please share if you like the article. And don’t forget to leave your valuable comments. Your comments are most valuable to us.

Beef meat (100 g) contain
Total Fat23g
How to burn 256.7 kilo-calories?
Jogging31 minutes
Cycling37 minutes
Swimming41 minutes
Walking45 minutes

Advantages of Beef

Beef eliminates mineral deficiency. It works to eliminate diseases caused by a lack of minerals in the body. Also, every 100 grams of cow meat contains 22.6 grams of protein. It plays a significant role in physical growth and blood circulation. Based on 85 grams of beef, it provides 39 percent of zinc.

Disadvantages of beef

Beef increases the risk of constipation. However, by eating different types of vegetables with cow meat, constipation can be relieved a lot. Eating excess beef is not beneficial at all. It increases the risk of colon cancer. Eating beef can cause high blood pressure. Problems like heart disease and stroke arise from there.