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Telegram Is At The Top Of Popularity Day By Day

Why Telegram Is So Popular?

Telegram has grown in popularity day by day since Facebook its proprietary added some new rules to WhatsApp messaging platform. Soon after adding some new rules to the WhatsApp messaging platform, WhatsApp users started looking for other messaging applications as an alternative. 

And most of them started using the telegram messaging platform as an alternative to WhatsApp. Some people use other messaging applications, one of which is the Turkish BiP application. Although BiP  is new to the technology market.

On the other hand, it is natural that the popularity of telegram technology will increase as it was already there. And so the popularity of telegrams is increasing day by day. Telegram’s popularity has grown as WhatsApp has changed its privacy issue.

And the popularity has grown so much that this messaging app was at the top in terms of downloads in the world last month. On the other hand, a report by SensorTower, a data analytics company in the United States, that in January 2021, the telegram was downloaded more than 63 million times.

Which Countries Use Telegram The Most?

According to the report, as of January 2020, the download has been 3.8 multiply and more. India had the highest number of telegram users at 24%, followed by Indonesia at 10%. Towards the end of 2020, WhatsApp introduced new rules that sparked widespread discussion and criticism.

In this rule, the WhatsApp authorities stated that in order to use WhatsApp, the user must use all personal information. Otherwise WhatsApp cannot be used. After harsh criticism in the mountains, WhatsApp authorities said the new rule has been put on hold for some time.

Since then, people have been looking for an alternative to WhatsApp and the name Telegram has come up as an alternative. Authorities also claim that both Telegram and Message Sharing and an app Signal have modern end-to-end encryption features in their service. It can be downloaded completely free.

Many have spoken out against WhatsApp’s decision to share personal information. In particular, Elon Musk the founder of electric car maker Tesla spoke out against it and advised everyone to use the Signal app.  Soon after his suggestion, users used Signal and Telegram as alternatives to WhatsApp.

After recommending the use of the Signal app on January 7, 2021, the price of the app increased 6 multiply  in the US stock market. On the other hand, the popularity of telegrams is increasing day by day.