How to Keep Toddlers Busy While Working From Home

How to Keep Toddlers Busy While Working From Home

We know better the toddlers are great. They are fascinated by everything they see around them. They rediscover the world every second of their lives. That is why they need so much attention from their parents. 

But just as there are responsibilities to caring for toddlers, it is also difficult for us to keep toddlers happy when it is difficult to do this because of our workplace. We parents constantly hear many kinds of whims from our toddlers. 

Especially when we are busy with something, we respond with a reluctant yes or no. For this, we have put together a list of essential parenting activities to keep your kids entertained so you can focus on your work. 9 strategies for parents how to keep kids busy while working from home.

1. Art & Crafts

Supply your child with appropriate art and craft according to his age and involve him in related activities. Praise them and encourage them to improve their skills. Do not expect perfection, but rather acknowledge their efforts.

Here are some art and craft ideas for your kids: - Drawing and painting, making different things with clay, making various flowers with colored paper, weaving baskets, sewing clothes and making different designs on them, and making toys with wood.

Art and crafts nurture the creativity of your kid and help them pay attention to it. It combines their hand-eye combination, recognizing several colors with colorful objects and refining their ability to make anything with any subject.

2. Book

Introduce your kids to the world of books. Encourage her to read all kinds of books, from adventure to fantasy, from biography to thriller, how realistic books are. Take them with you for book shopping and ask them to choose books for their reading.

Make it a habit to read books before going to bed every day. If your child is small (can not read), sit next to them and read. You can ask your child to write their storybook. Regular reading awakens imagination in your toddlers and improves their comprehension, vocabulary, and writing skills.

3. Musical bottle

It is a kind of game. You can put any small thing like- (marble) in these bottles. The resulting shaking of the bottles will produce many types of sounds that will arouse interest in your child. Show them how to shake the bottle with the various objects inside the bottles.

And then teach them how to sound calm and loud with different bottles. It will allow your child to change many tunes with the bottle and will create curiosity in him.

4. A fish tank to learn about water

Demonstrate to your child how they can keep their hands underwater and catch different elements underwater. Ask them to move items or ingredients from the aquarium to another container. 

It is how some heavy things sink while some things are floating on the water. Seeing these will arouse their curiosity and which will make them happy.

5. Wash windows (or fridge)

 Give your child a spray bottle of water and a rag so they can clean windows and your used fridge. Set your fridge in a place where toddlers can easily reach it. It will make your work easier. And the kids will be busy with this work.

6. Puzzle-Solution

A puzzle is a brain exercise. Which helps keep the brain healthy, sharp, and growing. Choose the level of activities that keep kids busy and make them feel successful.  Simple work can make them happy, while hard things discourage them.

You can choose jigsaw puzzles, brain games, and a difference of word games, word puzzles, sudoku, math, and other logical puzzles. These activities help to improve your baby's critical thinking, reasoning skills, and rational thinking.

7. Cultural Entertainment

You can arrange entertainment for your toddlers from time to time to entertain them. For example: - You can teach recitation of poems, songs, dances, funny jokes. As a result, they will become proficient in the cultural field. 

So the next time your kid gets bored, you can turn on their favorite song and ask them to dance. These can help keep your baby entertained.

8. Cooking and other work

You can help your child do a variety of cooking and other simple chores around the house. Your kids can help you by washing the vegetables while you cook, by bringing something close. You can add them to menu planning and shopping.

That will increase his thinking ability and work skills. Praise them for helping your child and do not expect them to always do the right thing. By helping you with the chores around the house, your toddlers' work skills will improve. It will make him more unique and confident.

9. Search and test

Give your child the opportunity to explore and experiment with new ideas and materials. They can do general experiments with a new recipe. You can give them some recyclable material and see what they discover. These kinds of activities encourage your child to be innovative and science-minded.

These experiments cannot lead to any discovery. But these can help your child misunderstand. In this way, they can understand where is right and where is wrong. By doing such experiments they can discover something new.

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