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What Do You Need to Survive in the Desert

Now in the 21st century, almost every person has a cellphone in their hand. But there is no mention of GPS technology everywhere. If you want to know – how to survive in the desert? So the first thing you need to know is – always be ready. 

You never want to be stuck in a place without a supply of accessories. Be it the desert or something else. Even if you do not plan on going somewhere far away, you always need to be prepared with the motivation to survive. 

If you only plan to walk a few miles to the waterfall, that does not mean you should go out with a bottle of water and grain in your bag. No matter how short or easy your plan is, it is urgent to keep the necessary things with you.

How long can you survive without water in the desert?   

In the desert, you can only survive three days without water. But before the end of 3 days, you will be very dehydrated. Even the strongest, healthiest person can’t survive more than three days without water. 

An emergency physician at UW Medical Center Montlake said if you find yourself lost in the desert – First of all, do not panic. He also specializes in desert expeditions. So everyone should know that if you ever get stuck in a desert. But keep in mind the following seven tips about what do you need to survive in the desert?

1. Pack the essentials.

Keep emergency equipment in your car if you plan to go on broken and distant roads. Pack your bags in case of emergency and keep the necessary items there. Dr. David Towns says: It is advisable to carry a water-purifying drop or tablet, energy bars or gels like extra bars, emergency blankets, waterproof matches, and always have a first aid kit in your pack in case of emergency.

No matter how experienced you are, you should never enter or go into the wilderness or the desert without any specific tools to solve your problem. You should always have at least one pocket knife or other essentials.

If possible, you should have a compass along with the map. When camping or backpacking, always bring a light water strainer and purifying tablets with you for a water crisis or emergency.

2. Let your friends know your plans.

It is also significant to let a family member or friend know before you travel to the desert. You will say that if you do not return within a particular time. It means that you have a problem.

That way, if you do not meet with them within the stipulated time, they may inform the appropriate authorities about you. It will give you a starting point for searching and rescuing where you can stay. And so that very effortlessly they get a chance to find you.

3. Take care of nutrition.

Once you figure out a way to keep yourself safely hydrated, you need to think about nutrition. The longer you stay stuck, the more the body’s nutritional needs will increase. You can be sure that

Are you using every possible source of your nutrients (carefully), including fruits, eggs, leaves, and insects? If you can, you can make traps to catch small animals, birds, fish, and more. In maintaining your energy, this protein is essential.

4. Mark clean water.

If you have packed a water-filtering drop or water-purifier tablet, your next step will be looking for a clear water source. The first thing to live in your desert is the water. So if you get stuck, you need to identify a source of clean or drinkable water.

It is up to you to consider whether the water looks as clean as possible. If you can, you should purify it because the water may contain bacteria or tiny parasites that can harm you. So you will always try to drink pure water.

5. Find or build a shelter.

You will need shelter to protect you from the warm environment of the desert. If you do not have a tent, you will need to build a shelter using what you can find, such as tree branches, bushes, etc.

Stay away from sunshine if you are trapped in the hot environment of the desert. And do not sweat extra sweat. However, you have to adapt to this environment by creating a shelter.

6. Try to stay warm.

Each of us must have a basic idea of ​​how to start a fire? If we are trapped in the desert. Fire doesn’t just keep you warm. These protect from harmful insects and potential predators. You also need fire to cook and boil water. 

Desert temperatures can rise and fall rapidly, so you should prioritize heat. Food is just as important to you as staying warm. Clear the area around which you plan to build your fire. And make sure to keep your packs and other items away from the flames.

7. Evaluate your situation.

You evaluate the situation and conclude that the best way to help you in the next step is your level of patience and strength. So always take immediate action considering the situation.

Exciting tips for survival in the desert are to make the right decision considering the situation. Although it may seem impossible, you need skills to survive in the desert. It will seem easy to you if you are barely ready with the right plan.


Here are 7 tips about What do you need to survive in the desert? I hope everyone will really enjoy this article. Have you had any such problems in the desert? And what strategy were you using, let us know in the comments.