8 Interesting Facts About Different Countries That Will Surprise You

In South Korea, writing in red ink is prohibited. When writing the name of a person using red ink means that the person is dead. These are the bad fac

When we travel to a new country, we try very little to know about the local traditions and their way of life. But it is not correct for us to do that. But if you know about the heritage of other countries. However, your trip will be as easy as it will help to avoid various embarrassing and fun situations.

Every country in the world has some interesting facts. Today we will learn eight interesting facts about different countries that will surprise you.

1. Amazing facts about Ethiopia.

Ethiopia follows a calendar that is seven years behind the world. According to African reports, Ethiopians live seven or eight years behind the rest of the world based on alternative calculations of when Jesus Christ was born. 

The Ethiopian calendar follows the beliefs Christian Orthodox Church of the country. These are the real facts about Ethiopia. On 12th September, the African country celebrates the New Year. So we can say that their year counting started from 12th September.

2. Interesting facts about japan

In Japan, there are not many street names. And block or section numbers are used instead of street names. And it sounds like I am working in Block 7 or I am in Block 3. Yes, these are True Interesting facts about japan.

There are some exceptions to this rule on main roads and highways. This system may seem confusing at first glance. But if you have a map, it only takes a few seconds to find the block you need.

3. Facts about the Netherlands.

Most people in the Netherlands do not put curtains on their home windows. And those who are passing by the house can easily see everything that happens in the home if they want. Now you may be wondering why they do not care about keeping their privacy.

The point is, people in these countries have different ideas about privacy. The locals respect each other's private space enough, and no one even thinks of peeking into a stranger's window. There are unbelievably Interesting facts about the Netherlands.

4. Unknown things about Singapore.

In Singapore, chewing gum sales or imports are illegal because chewing gum became so rampant in 1992 that people chewed it and threw it away. He used to make fun of office chairs, tables, and doors. 

Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew banned chewing gum in an attempt to establish Singapore as a clean city. Not only was chewing gum banned in the country, but all chewing gum trade, including its production, was forbidden at the time. 

However, it is now legal to transport a small amount of glue in the country for personal use, but its sale remains illegal.

5. Interesting facts about Colombia.

In Colombia, hot chocolate is a drink with pieces of salted cheese. Colombians love chocolate a lot, and they have a particular view of chocolate. So drinking hot chocolate with cheese is a common thing for them. But according to tourist reviews, not only is it quite unusual but also it is very delicious.

6. Best things about Denmark.

In Denmark, citizens have to choose a baby name from the chart of a name of 7,000 government-approved. The name of an eccentric celebrity span like Apple and St. probably is not possible in this country. Denmark's government made a name law so that children can be different from foreigners. 

And parents must seek government approval if they want to remove a child's name from the list. In Denmark, the government gives a child six months to determine the child's name. 

And the child has to be named within six months. About 1,100 Names are evaluated every year in this country. And 15% to 20% of them are rejected.

7. Interesting facts about France.

In France, milk is saved at room temperature. In the France supermarket, you can find different types of ultra-pasteurized milk. Here pasteurized milk means milk that has been disinfected by applying heat.

For this reason, it is unusual to keep milk in the fridge in France. And many people complain that its taste is usually different from pasteurized milk. So most French stores only sell ultra-pasteurized milk.

8. Shocking facts about South Korea.

In South Korea, writing in red ink is prohibited. When writing the name of a person using red ink means that the person is dead. These are the bad facts about South Korea. 

That's why tourists need to be very careful when choosing a pen to sign a reception card. Because in this case, choosing a red Pen can be difficult.

Here are eight interesting facts about different countries. Let us know in the comments which information surprised you.

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