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OnePlus 8 Pro Review | Best For You

oneplus 8 pro 12gb ram, 256gb

If you make a list of the best mobile phones, then the OnePlus 8 Pro will be in the first row. Earlier, the company released another phone called OnePlus 8. There was a lack of some features that the OnePlus 8 Pro phone has filled. 

This phone first came on the market on April 21, 2020. You would be surprised to know that this phone supports 5G i.e. up to the fifth generation. It deserves praise for our once well-known brand Apple and Samsung's little-known brand that has come out with first-line phones. 

Due to which the One Plus Pro phone is more expensive than the previous OnePlus phones. The OnePlus 8 Pro phone has a 120 Hz skin refresh rate, a camera with great 3X optical zoom, and wireless charging for fast charging.

Everything on the phone

Release date: April 2021. Dimensions: 165.3 X 74.35 X 8.5 mm. Weight: 199 grams. Phone colors: Glacial Green, Alota Marine Blue, and Onyx Black. Processor: Octa Core (2.4 GHz). RAM: 8/12 GB. ROM: 128/256 GB. No radio options.

Learn the details below:

OnePlus 8 Pro Display Review:

The OnePlus 8 Pro has a great 6.78-inch display. Best for those who like to watch movies. However, large displays can make it difficult for many to use one hand. Corning Gorilla Glass-6 has been used in this phone to keep the great display risk-free. The OnePlus Pro phone has a resolution of 1440 X 3168 pixels and comes with a full HD Plus display.

OnePlus 8 Pro Battery Life Review:

Are you looking for a phone that will one day run out of battery? Then the OnePlus 8 Pro may be the best for you. It has a lithium polymer non-removable 4510 mAh full battery. You will be surprised to know that this phone will take less than 1 hour to fully charge.

OnePlus 8 Pro Camera Review:

The OnePlus 8 Pro phone has 4 great cameras on the back. The first one is 48 megapixels and the next three are 8, 48, and 4 megapixels respectively. If you can take interesting pictures and watch videos. Ultra HD video can be done with the rear camera and full HD video can be done with the front camera.

OnePlus 8 Pro Operating System Review:

OnePlus 8 Pro is powered by Android 10. This phone has a fingerprint that allows you to easily lock and unlock. There is also a face unlock facility.

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