How to get up by eliminating the psychological myths that prevent height gain

Psychological myths that prevent height gain

Adding a few inches to your height can be a real boost to your confidence. This is why thousands of people enter the term "how to get tall" in the Google search box. Although many people realize that it is possible to add a few inches and increase height, many are still not convinced. This is due to some myths that confuse people. Here are some myths that have been demystified for you:

Myth 1: How can I get tall if my bones can't grow after I hit puberty?

It is true that your bones cannot grow much after puberty. But it is certainly possible to make your body more linear by removing the curvature of the spine. Practicing posture correction exercises can easily do this. There are many yoga exercises that can help you achieve this.

Myth 2: How can I get tall if my dad and grandpa are short? 

You see, height gain depends on hereditary factors. However these are not the only factors affecting height. There are many other factors like diet, exercises, calcium intake, growth hormone supply, rest for the body etc. Which determines the increase in height. Ignoring these factors thinking that height gain is totally inherited can actually prove costly.

Myth 3: How can alcohol, antibiotics and drugs stop me from growing? 

You see, items like alcohol and antibiotics cause hormonal changes in your body. Any change in hormone balance will impact the production of human growth hormone. And the reduced production of human growth hormone can result in stunted growth. So avoid these items at all costs if you want to get tall.

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Myth 4: You have to drink a lot of milk to get taller.

Fact: Now, this exists because milk is believed to be rich in vitamin D and calcium, which are known to improve bone health, which in turn can help you grow taller. IQ right? Mistakes aren't the only source of these two important nutrients. Leafy green vegetables like broccoli, kale, eggs, nuts, soy, and fish also contain these (and other) height-increasing nutrients.

Myth 5: Lifting weights will decrease your height.

Fact: lifting weights will not affect your height at all. However, there are some exercises that compress the spine, such as squats and overhead shoulder strain. Stay away from these exercises and any other work that may damage the spine. Excluding these, you can do exercises that help your spine expand.