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Best Way to Cook Vegetables Without Losing Nutrients

Cooking vegetables is simpler than cooking fish and meat. It can widely improve your health. Over the years, the specific process of cooking vegetables that have been in vogue in our kitchens have some of the particular methods that work best. There is no doubt that cooking at home is less of a hassle.

And it helps us to be creative or spend time with loved ones. There are many ways to cook vegetables. Some particular methods keep the quality of your vegetables intact and help improve your health. Below are five great methods of healthy ways to cook vegetables that taste good.

1. Boil

Boiling any vegetables is the fastest and easiest way. The strategy is to use as little water as possible and not overcook. That is to boil for a short time. So that holds all vitamins and flavor. To boil any vegetable like- (cauliflower), cut it into equal size pieces.

Boiling water may contain some nutrients outside of vegetables, but not all kinds of vegetables produce these nutrients. Sometimes, even if some nutrients are declining during cooking, boiling is the most effective way to cook potatoes and other vegetables. 

It is the best way to cook vegetables. If you eat boiled vegetables, you don’t have to worry about preserving the best nutrients. It is because cooked vegetables maintain nutritional value.

2. Steamed

Steaming vegetables is an old technique. Sometimes it is ignored, but this strategy works. This technique is the best way to maintain the taste, color, and Important nutrition of vegetables. Also, studies have shown that vegetables that are cooked on steam can store more nutrients than other methods.

There are two ways to steam vegetables. One is to keep the lid on the top of the pot loose and steam the vegetables in their juices. Another is to wrap the vegetables inside the pot with paper and cook them in the oven at 180 degrees centigrade for 20 minutes. It is the best way to cook vegetables without losing nutrients.

3. Roast

Roasting vegetables, not only potatoes but also vegetables, lentils and tomatoes can be cooked well in this way. This method thickens the taste by avoiding excess moisture and makes the vegetables crispy. When roast vegetables, which completely transformed the taste of raw vegetables.

4. Chop making

To cook vegetables at home is an excellent way to make chops. For this, you have to cut the vegetables into equal size pieces. If you make chops in it, the food looks good. It is why if you want to cook vegetables better, make chops of them.

5. Fry on low heat

Cooking fried vegetables over low heat is a delicious way. It is a very effective way for vegetables, which can be done in a short time. For example, it is especially effective for other soft or delicate vegetables like asparagus, peas, mushrooms, peppers, lentils, and onions.

It is also a good way for those who plan to eat healthily. This method requires a small amount of oil or fat. It can use healthy ingredients like olive oil. Which gives your vegetables a more different taste.

In this method, the vegetables are fried over low heat. It requires an oil-fried pan or frying pan. It allows vegetables to be cooked quickly and also retains the nutrients of the vegetables. It is the healthiest way to cook vegetables.


If vegetables are cooked in the above manner, the nutrients of vegetables are maintained. And it will give a different taste. All in all, no matter how you cook your vegetables, they should always be healthy.